The cold winter weather is slowly loosening it’s grip, so it’ll soon be safe to venture back out onto the course and start playing a bit of golf again (unless of course you’re an ‘all-weather golfer’ – in which case, no one likes a show off). Before you head out and start working on your swing, you might want to consider investing in a ‘statement style’ or two to liven up your golf wear.

Our new golf range features some serious statement styles (what a coincidence…) Designs inspired by the patterns found in modern urban environments feature prominently in the range. There’s plenty to choose from. However, with any statement styles, you’re at the risk of creating some kind of monstrosity of a golf outfit. So here’s some tips:

DO: Stick to a single ‘statement style’

Build your outfit around it. A good pair of stone chinos and a neutral top layer are the perfect pieces to complement a statement style. Similarly, if you’re going for statement knitwear, keep your collar neutral underneath.

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DON’T: Go too low

As a rule of thumb, it’s best to limit your statement styles to the top half of your outfit. Loud, patterned trousers shouldn’t be seen too far from the circus. Stick a solid pair of chinos or shorts.

DON’T:¬†Have one rule for the course…

And one rule off the course. Don’t wear anything on the course that you wouldn’t want to wear in the clubhouse.¬† You should be comfortable in what you’re wearing, don’t be loud for the sake of it.

DO: Start Small

Not ready to go all out yet or make too much of a ‘statement’? Start with something subtler like a stripe and work your way up.

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