How to wear Orange

We’ll admit, Orange can be a difficult shade to pull off. This can put people off wearing it, especially if you’re the kind of guy who generally likes to go with the safe, navy option. But the time has come to reconsider introducing a bit of Orange into your wardrobe, it shouldn’t just be for Dutch Football Fans. It’s easy when you know how:

In the Navy

Blue and Orange

In its place on the colour wheel, Orange is pretty much opposite blue which means they’re complementary colours. So being the guy who likes to go with the safe, navy option is no longer a valid excuse. Doesn’t have to be much, a bit of Orange thrown into a navy ensemble will take it to another level. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, combine an orange midlayer with a light blue jacket to brighten up your look.

Keep it neutral

Look Book Lightweight Parka.jpg

Orange goes great with neutrals (what doesn’t) so it works really well on outerwear. Throw a statement orange jacket on over a neutral outfit for a great transitional ensemble for the awkward part of the year between winter and spring. The weather is getting brighter, so reflect this in your outfit.

Get Flashy

Blog Orange Tshirt.jpg

If you don’t feel ready to go all out with orange outerwear, start from the bottom. Baby steps. Get an orange t-shirt or polo and build a layered outfit around that. Even just a flash of orange will brighten up a neutral outfit.