The 3 Bags Every Man Needs

We’ve done some research and we’ve found out that every man needs at least three bags to live comfortably. You’re welcome to own more, but three is the minimum. For example, you can’t be carrying a hold all around a music festival, and similarly, you can’t fit all your gym kit into a cross body bag. At the end of the day it all comes down to size, let’s take a look:


Oversized Roll Top Rucksack Blog Size.jpg

The obvious choice. Every man needs a rucksack. But when wearing one, you’re always in danger of looking a bit like an overgrown schoolboy. To avoid this happening, you need to go a step above your average, day-to-day rucksack and go for something more premium, like a Roll Top. How many schoolboys do you see wearing a Roll Top Rucksack? And to be extra sure you’re dressing your age, double strap it. Every time. Unless you’re wearing a suit, in which case it’s better to avoid the rucksack altogether…


Oversize Holdall.jpg

There are times when a rucksack just won’t cut it size-wise, but getting your suitcase down from the loft is far too much effort. In this case, the holdall is perfect. With more storage space than your average rucksack, the holdall is ideal for a weekend away or a trip to the gym after work. Carrying a bag, rather than wearing one, also works better in more formal situations.

Cross Body

Cross Body Bag Blog Size.jpg

Only carrying a few bits and pieces? You don’t want a half-empty rucksack hanging listlessly behind you, ruining your look. In this situation, consider the cross body bag, large enough to store the key essentials (wallet, phone, keys etc.) but small enough to be considered compact. Also perfect for festival season, you definitely don’t want to be that guy in the crowd with the rucksack on.

General Tips

On the whole, try and keep your bag subtle. Stick to neutral colours, and don’t go for anything that looks too technical. Never forget that a bag shouldn’t just be something that you carry your stuff around in, it should be an extension of your outfit.