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It doesn’t really matter what you wear to gym does it? You’re there to work out, as long you’re making progress everything’s OK, right?

Wrong. It’s more than likely any progress you are making will be hampered sooner or later if you’re getting the basics wrong, kit-wise. Not only will you look the part (be honest, that’s important too), but wearing proper, technical sportswear to the gym can enhance your work out by regulating your body temperature and protecting you from injury. Here’s what to think about when you’re packing your gym bag:


Sportys Blog Blue Top

A good technical sports t-shirt should be the base for every gym outfit. With a sports t-shirt, it’s all about the fabric composition. A cotton/polyester mix is the perfect composition for working up a good sweat without becoming a sweaty mess (it’s a fine line…) Wicking technology also helps, moisture is pulled away from your body so it evaporates faster. You don’t want to be wearing a pure cotton t-shirt to the gym. Cotton holds onto water a lot longer so it won’t evaporate and your body temperature will drop during your rest time.


Sports Blog Tracksuit

A tracksuit is not only a classic piece of sportswear design, it should also a key player in your gym basics. A tracksuit can be worn to and from the gym, as well as during warm up. It’s best to lose the bottoms once you get into your workout (as long as you’ve got shorts on underneath, of course), but your track top can be worn to keep you warm throughout your work out. Sportswear is all about layering, which is why a breathable top layer is key.


Sports Blog Shorts

Specialist panelling and movement enhancing fabrics turn a good pair of gym shorts into a great pair of gym shorts. Without the right pair of shorts, you’ll find that your overall range of movement is limited which could lead to a serious injury.