How to find the perfect Quilted Jacket

The Quilted Jacket. Very much in the running to become a new menswear style staple. Looking to get your hands on one? That won’t be hard, you see them everywhere these days. But there’s more to a quilted jacket that meets the eye. Here’s what you should know when looking for a quilted jacket:

The most important question to consider: are you looking for more fashion or more function?

Fundamentally, there are two types of quilted jacket. There’s your lightweight, more versatile, style-focused jacket, then there’s your more technically advanced jacket, which we’ll call the ‘heavyweight’ to make it easier.


A ‘heavyweight’ quilted jacket is going to be technically engineered for warmth and protection from elements.

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The ‘heavyweight’ quilted jacket is for people who want a ‘proper jacket’. For people who are venturing out of the city and into the countryside in the winter. Although the name we’ve given it might be a bit misleading. There’s not as much bulk as you might expect, and the jacket is more than lightweight enough to wear in a crowded setting where you’ll be outside in the cold for a while (football fans take note).


A lightweight quilted jacket, though still warm, is more for style. You won’t get the same level of insulation or protection as you would with a heavyweight jacket, but see that as an opportunity to wear it with a great layered outfit (once you get enough layers on you’ll be more than warm enough anyway). The lightweight quilted jacket is one to wear on a night out, or its great for your winter commute.

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So what’s the conclusion? If you’re looking for something for prolonged wear, something to see you through a big freeze, or something to protect you against the harshest of elements, then go ‘heavyweight’. If you’re looking for something you can work into an outfit, or something for day-to-day wear in and around the city go for lightweight. But my final piece of advice is: why not both..?