The Casuals

Before the mid-1970s, fashion and football were two words you were unlikely to hear in the same sentence, but the Casuals movement changed all of that. Legend has it, it all started on Merseyside, when Liverpool FC and their fans conquered Europe. On away trips to Rome, Paris, and Madrid, the Liverpool fans discovered designer sportswear that was unavailable in the UK.

This designer sportswear found its way back to UK, and had an immediate effect on football fans across the country. As Liverpool fans descended on cities across the country, they became trendsetters, albeit accidentally. Fans of rival clubs saw them decked out in their designer gear and wanted a piece of the action. Existing rivalries between clubs were now influenced by more than what happened on the pitch, they were boosted by a new-found ‘sartorial rivalry’.

What started out as one-upmanship became an almost dogmatic approach to fashion, if fans couldn’t keep up with the trends they provided ammo for their rivals. Heritage British brands soon found their way into the casuals’ wardrobes. At the root of it all, the casuals were all about who look the best, and who had the best clothes. Naturally, the Golden Eagle of Lyle & Scott was worn with pride.

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