What does your scarf say about you?

On the surface, a scarf may seem like an unassuming winter accessory. But it isn’t; there aren’t many pieces of menswear like the scarf, it’s probably one of the most versatile accessories you own. There’s just so many different ways to wear one. In fact, you can tell a lot about a man by the way he wears his scarf:

The Knot

How to wear scarf_1.jpg

You’re a conventional, no-nonsense kind of guy. You wear a scarf to keep your neck warm and that’s it. The knot is the best, most efficient way to do that. There’s no fuss to this style, put the scarf on and job done. For extra efficiency, tuck the end of your scarf into your jacket.

The Drape

How to wear scarf_2.jpg

You don’t care for society’s rules, you’ll wear a scarf how you want. Considering that a scarf is primarily designed to keep your neck warm, this is strictly an aesthetic style. You just drape the scarf around your neck. Although be careful of strong winds, because nothing says ‘Mr. Cool’ like chasing your scarf down a busy high street.

The Once Around

How to wear scarf_4.jpg

You’re a sophisticated kind of guy, but you’re also practical. You’ve taken your scarf, folded it unevenly, and tossed the longer side up around your neck. You’ve also then spent a few hours adjusting the ends of your scarf to make sure the lengths don’t match, but no one needs to know that…

The All Around

How to wear scarf_3.jpg

You’ve tried to use as much of the surface area of the scarf as possible, you must be cold…