The Origins of a Brand

It all started in 1874, William Lyle & Walter Scott saw a demand for high quality knitted underwear in Victorian Britain and decided to do something about it. The beginnings of Lyle & Scott were very humble. A meagre loan of only £800 allowed William & Walter to purchase a small factory in Hawick, a town nestled in the Scottish Borders that remains Lyle & Scott’s home to this day.

William Lyle & Walter Scott

William & Walter were firm believers in the importance of quality and craftsmanship, and word soon spread about Lyle & Scott’s fine knitted product. This popularity led to their small factory site in Hawick factory more than tripling in size by 1910, as anticipated by William Lyle’s favourite motto: “Good work makes more work.”

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Chapter 1: The Origins of a Brand

Chapter 2: Good Work Makes More Work

Chapter 3: A Modern Appeal…

Chapter 4: The Original Golf Brand

Chapter 5: The Casuals