The Finishing Touch

Varying texture can often be overlooked when putting an outfit together, this is perhaps because mixing the wrong textures together is the fashion equivalent of putting Mentos in a bottle of Coke; it seems like good fun at the time, but in the end all that’s left is a real mess. Although this doesn’t mean you should avoid textured items altogether, just treat it as the finishing touch to an outfit. Done right, a top or mid-layer with a subtle texture can be the icing on your outfit cake. Here are the best ways to do it:



Arguably, all knitwear is textured, but we thought we’d suggest something a bit more obviously textured: a Patchwork Jumper. A textured jumper is a great way to add visual depth to your outfit. If you want to err on the side of classic, a cable knit jumper is also a great textured piece, and works great in layers. No longer just a staple of Nordic Fishermen.


Mini Chord

A shirt can be a great way to introduce texture to your outfit. It can work casually; worn open over a crisp white tee, or a bit smarter; under a piece of knitwear (not textured) or sweatshirt. Go for something like a corduroy shirt. These days there are corduroy constructions that much finer and subtler than those trousers your Maths teacher used to wear, and so much easier to layer.


Red Jacket

In your outfit, the jacket is always a ‘finishing touch’, when’s the last time you layered something over a jacket? A good textured jacket can be hard to come across if you’re not into fur (faux, obviously), so you have to think outside the box for this. Sometimes you can break up an outfit just by giving the impression of texture, a classic zip through jacket with a marl finish is the perfect “textured” piece to finish of your outfit.