Are you using the magic number?

It’s definitely true when they say that three is the magic number, especially when it comes to putting an outfit together because it’s important to have a variety. Not enough of it and you’ll end up looking drab. On the other hand, too much of it and you’ll end up looking like someone’s eccentric uncle…

This is where the ‘magic number’ comes back in: build your outfits in threes. Here are some examples:

3 Colours

Colour can make all the difference in your outfit. A flash of it in the right place can turn your outfit from a beige magnet to a colour expert. But how many colours? 3 of course!

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It can be as easy as one stand out colour among two shades of neutrals (non-colours). To avoid any serious clashes, combine colours that are close together on the colour wheel.

3 textures

If you don’t feel like being overly creative with colour, stick to a neutral palette and try varying the textures of the layers in your outfit. This is best done in threes (see a pattern emerging here?) Varying the textures is a great way to get away with more monochromatic looks, as the different textures will add visual depth to your outfit, so you don’t look like you’re walking around in a boiler suit. This can also work with a pattern combined with two plain pieces (we won’t go into mixing patterns just yet…)

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3 Accessories

We talked about clashing earlier, your clothes shouldn’t clash and neither should your accessories. So coordinate your belts and shoes. Brown shoes and a black belt? Only acceptable in a (very formal) karate class. To make it a nice consistent three: match your bag to your shoes and belt to really round off your outfit.