The New Style Staples

We all love style staples – never out of fashion and easy to build an outfit around. But something that goes with everything doesn’t need to be boring. Take a look at our selection of upgraded style staples that should sit in every man’s wardrobe.

Brushed Cotton T-Shirt

Brushed T_Blog Size

A staple t-shirt should be comfortable. It should be something that you’re happy to wear with anything, which is why the Brushed Cotton T-Shirt makes it into our new style staples. Brushing the cotton gives the t-shirt a worn-in look and feel, so it already feels like one of your old t-shirts that you’ve lovingly worn for years (just without the musty smell and the stains…)

Chambray Shirt

Grey Shirt_Blog Size

A shirt that is less formal and more breathable than it’s cousin, the Oxford. Like so many items in the average man’s wardrobe, the chambray shirt is a classic workwear staple that’s been updated to sit comfortably in the world of modern menswear. The chambray shirt makes it into our new style staples for it’s versatility, it’s the ideal shirt to shake up your office outfits, or to wear with a pair of turned up chinos during your weekend downtime.

Honeycomb Sweatshirt

Honeycomb Sweater_Blog Size

The current world of style staples is distinctly lacking a bit of texture, which is why the Honeycomb Sweatshirt makes it into our new style staples. You take a casual sweatshirt and subtly upgrade it with a textured honeycomb knit. The upgrade means the sweatshirt also suits a smart casual style when worn over a classic white oxford shirt.

Knitted Polo Shirt

Knitted Polo_Blog Size

There’s always room to expand your knitwear selection, so we’re including a Knitted Polo Shirt as the fourth and final new style staple. An upgrade on the usual pique polo construction, a fine knit long sleeve polo shirt is more of a year-round staple. Perfect for introducing a bit of finesse into a layered outfit.