How to wear: Forest Green

Many men can be apprehensive when introducing green in their wardrobe. At some point in the history of fashion, some joker went around telling everyone that “blue and green should never be seen”, and the popularity of wearing blue denim generally means that if you innocently throw on a green t-shirt you’re allegedly committing some sort of heinous style crime. But if you’re familiar with the colour wheel, it’s hard to see where this mantra originated. Blue and green are ‘analogous colours’ meaning they sit next to each other on the colour wheel and should be easy to coordinate without a clash.

To be extra sure that you’ll avoid any kind of run in with the ‘fashion police’ go for Forest Green, a deep, subtle shade of green. The ideal statement colour for when you don’t want to make too much of a statement, Forest Green is an incredibly versatile tone that works in a number of outfits and environments. Here are three outfit ideas:

Proof that your Grandmother is an idiot…

Polo, Blue Jeans

It only takes a couple of simple staple styles to prove that blue and green CAN be seen. A forest green polo shirt with a reliable pair of blue denims. Enough to turn even the most fervent fashionista’s head.

Something for the workplace…

Forest Green Sweater

It can be hard to make your workplace outfits more exciting, that navy jumper and oxford shirt combo looks great but you can’t wear it everyday. Swapping your usual navy number for forest green is a good way to liven up your work outfit while keeping it nice and understated.

Just a little hint…

Forest Green Shirt

Forest green is a subtle colour, so it works really well with neutrals and won’t look out of place when introduced into a layered outfit. Take your layers to the next level by showing just a flash of forest green from your bottom layer (t-shirt or shirt).