Layering in Summer

In the summer months, we’re all drawn to being outside for most of the day. After all it’s only a couple of months before we all have to start hibernating again. In a dream world, all you’d need wardrobe-wise in the summer is a few good t-shirts and a pair of shorts. Sadly, we don’t live in a dream world, we live in a world with very unpredictable weather, so you need a back-up plan to the go-to “Sun’s out, Gun’s out” look. It might sound counter-intuitive on a warm summer’s day, but layering is your best bet for putting an outfit together that will last you from the scorching afternoon sun to the annoyingly “actually quite chilly” evenings.

Mid Image.jpg

Layering in summer is a lot like the more traditional winter layering, you build an outfit from thin to thick. Obviously in summer you want to limit how thick the outer layers actually get (put the parka down!) But your bottom and mid layers can stay more or less the same: t-shirts, shirts and (lightweight) knitwear can all be used. But don’t just take our word for it, here are some layered outfit ideas:



This look utilises a breathable, lightweight knit, worn over a plain Henley t-shirt. Knitwear might seem a strange choice for summer, but you’ll be glad of it when the sun goes down or the wind picks up. Wearing a cotton linen or cotton merino knit is a great warm weather alternative to a chunky winter warmer. Finish off the look with an icon: the summer-friendly Harrington Jacket.



Start off with a patterned t-shirt, this will add a bit of interest to your outfit when it’s still ‘t-shirt weather’. Add a shirt that complements the t-shirt. Depending on your preference (and the temperature) this can be worn open or buttoned up. Finish off the outfit with a casual lightweight jacket for a laid back summer look.