9 Music Festival Essentials

Are you ready for festival season? You’ve got your ticket, you’ve got your camping gear, you’ve got enough cans of cheap lager to last all summer. But what else gets a spot in the limited space of your backpack? Forget the ‘free hugs’ sign and the culturally insensitive headwear, here’s 9 essential items that everyone is going to take to a festival this year:


Waterproof Jacket

These days, music festival line ups are often shrouded in secrecy, you have to buy your ticket long before you know who the headliners are. But you can be sure of one act making an appearance at every festival this summer: the freak, and unexpected, rain storm. So make sure you’re prepared for the rain with a lightweight waterproof jacket.


Even though it’s summer, it’s the British summer, so it’s never going to be as warm as your want it to be, especially at night. Make sure you’ve got something nice and warm to see you through to the morning.


Small Bag

Some people favour a rucksack as a day bag. It’s got a larger capacity sure, but you’ll be regretting that as soon as your try and get down the front for the headliners. A small items bag is big enough to carry your phone, money and other essentials.


You’re not on SAS survival weekend, you’re allowed to have a few home comforts. So treat yourself to a shower a few days in. The towel also comes in useful for drying yourself off after a rain storm, or a particularly sweaty session in the dance tent.

Toilet Paper

This should really be number one on the list (we’re really resisting the urge to make a ‘number two’ joke…)


Bin Bags

The bins at festivals seem to overflow within the first hour, so bring a couple of bin bags with you so you can at least keep your immediate area tidy. Nothing worse than waking up surrounded in yesterday’s filth.

Portable Phone Charger

Seeing as the modern phone battery will only really last the journey to the festival, so it’s worth investing in one of these to keep your phone juiced. Not only will you miss out on some serious social media opportunities, you’ll also spend a lot of your time “by the side of the stage, under the Brazil flag” hoping that your mates actually do come and meet you.


You’ll be thanking us come Sunday morning.

Hand Sanitiser

Usually only an essential for the common germaphobe, but one trip to the toilets and you’ll want to cover yourself in this stuff. Take two bottles.