How to dress for summer in the office

When the temperatures start to rise, your standard office wear can start to feel a little bit restrictive. The everyday business casual outfit was just not built for all those commutes on packed trains and busses with little to no ventilation. On really hot days it can be tempting to throw the office dress code out of the window, but there are plenty of ways to keep your cool without looking like Rocko Wallaby.

If you work in a casual environment, dressing for summer can be as easy as a lightweight shirt, chinos and some clean white trainers. Don’t give in to the temptation to undo your shirt buttons any lower than the second button. If you’re desperate to show off some skin, lose the socks and let your ankles breathe.


If you have to retain some degree of smartness at work, the most important thing is to embrace summer materials. The key is breathability, so cotton should be your best friend. Maybe even throw in some linen, without going the Full ‘Man from Delmonte’. Due to linen’s predilection for creasing, go for cotton-linen blend to keep looking smarter for longer.


Summer is most definitely a season where you can’t wear ‘all black everything’, you want to embrace the colours of summer. It’s always tempting to throw on a loud Hawaiian shirt when the sun is out: you’re laid back and you don’t care who knows it. Prints are in, and that’s great, but keep them out of the office. Keep your summer work outfits understated, lot’s of white, pastels and neutrals.

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It might even get warm enough to lose your sleeves. I don’t mean losing them altogether and looking like an 80s wrestling superstar. I’m talking about one of the most put upon pieces in the menswear summer wardrobe: the short sleeve shirt. Avoid pairing it with a neck tie and pocket protector, make sure it fits, and you’ll be fine. Still not sure? Check out our post for style inspiration.