How to wear shorts

Summer is on the way and that means we can all start wearing shorts. That’s great, right? Wrong. Not only are you going to have to face your constant skipping of ‘leg day’ head on, but shorts are also a deceptively hard item of clothing to get right. Here are three things to think about when picking out a pair of shorts:


Shorts come in a variety of lengths, from the ankle bothering cargo short to the hot pant-esque short-short. You’re spoilt for choice. But you shouldn’t be. Your shorts should fall into the length of anywhere between the knee and three inches above the knee at the very most. Think of shorts as a thermometer for your legs, anything too low or too high is bad, you want to sit nicely in the middle.

Outfit Grid.jpg


The material of your shorts should always be considered depending on your outfit: chino shorts for summer smart casual, and don’t wear swimming shorts if you’re not going near water. I’m afraid ‘jorts’ (jean shorts) are a no-go, it’s not 1990 (unfortunately). It’s also important to know what you can and can’t wear with each different pair of shorts. For example, a lightweight oxford shirt or a polo are perfect matches for chino shorts. With those brightly coloured swimming shorts stick to something more casual like a t-shirt or vest.


The finishing touch, your shoes always become much more of a focus when you’re in shorts. So stick to plimsolls and loafers, and avoid boots and brogues. And for goodness’ sake think about your socks. If you’re not brave/stupid enough to go sockless, invest in some invisible socks. Please no trainer socks!