What type of pub do you belong in?

Another weekend is fast approaching. So what are your plans? Take in a few galleries? Head to your local art-house cinema to absorb yourself in the films of Wim Wenders? Come on, be honest, you’re going to the pub. We’re all going to the pub. These days, they come in many different shapes and forms, but which one is right for you? Here’s four that you might encounter over the weekend:


The Hipster

Hipster pubs are popping up everywhere these days, under many guises (microbreweries, gin distilleries, dive bars, speakeasies etc.) Especially prevalent in major UK cities with a high population of bearded inhabitants. Recognisable from the outside thanks to the chalkboards bearing alcohol related puns and witticisms. Expect board games, ping pong tables and a slightly overwhelming selection of spirits behind the bar.

PRO: In terms of drinking, it’s one for the connoisseurs. Always seem to feature a wide selection of new and exciting beers, often with fun names (pint of ‘Hoptimus Prime’ anyone?)

CON: Can be a bit too heavy-handed with the ‘organised fun’, if you’re not careful you might walk into a pub-wide game of giant jenga.

2. The ‘Old Man’ Pub

The Old Man.jpg

Perhaps unfairly referred to as ‘Old Man’ pubs, these are classic, traditionally British boozers, found in every city, town and village across the country. Often historic, sometimes a bit dusty, and always containing at least one eccentric character. Recognisable from the outside thanks to crumbling brickwork and the occasional blue plaque. The windows often feature hand written signs that read “Kareoke Karaoke on Saturdays with DJ Ken from 9” Expect mismatched furniture and an unused fireplace inside.

PRO: Often quiet, so there is always somewhere to sit and chat without having to raise your voice over some pumping house music.

CON: Sometimes a bit too quiet, so be prepared for the old guys at the bar to hear your entire conversation.

3. The SPORT Pub

The Sport Pub

Go to one of these pubs on a weekday night and it’ll just seem like a regular pub, nothing special really. But go back on a weekend, and you’ll witness a giant screen descend from the heavens (well, the ceiling) to show a feast of sport to the braying pub crowd below. Recognisable from the outside thanks to at least ten signs advertising upcoming sports fixtures and the fact that you can watch them all on their “GIANT SCREEN”. Expect beer in plastic cups and four Jagerbombs for a tenner on match days.

PRO: No need to get there early for a good view of the screen. Everywhere in the pub has a good view of their “GIANT SCREEN”

CON: The toilets, on match days, can very quickly fill with the stink of inaccuracy.

4. The Beer Garden Pub

Beer Garden

This pub has got a great beer garden, and they want you to know about it because the inside isn’t much to write home about. The pub is pretty much deserted in the winter while the beer garden lies under a blanket of autumn leaves and bird poo. But as soon as the temperature gets above 10 degrees this pub is suddenly the place to be. Recognisable from the outside thanks to its giant beer garden packed with revellers that you can hear from a mile away. Expect picnic tables that have seen better days and BBQs in the summer.

PRO: The great beer garden, obviously.

CON: It’ll probably rain this weekend.