Putting like a pro

Putting is a massively important part of golf. If you can play off the tee well but you can’t putt, you’re soon going to find yourself with a pretty high handicap.


How well you can play on the green is something that really sets the tour pros apart from the amateurs. With this in mind we caught up with European Tour player James Morrison to pick up some tips on putting.


James suggests that putting should be a very free part of the game, the worst thing you can be doing while playing a round is focusing too much on your technique.


Spend some time honing your technique before a round so you’re ready to play when you reach the first green. When you get there, follow these five steps for the perfect putt:

  1. Read the Green
  2. Take 2 practise strokes behind the ball
  3. Let your mind go blank – allow your technique to come through subsconciously
  4. Focus on the line of your putt
  5. One look at the hole, and hit the ball



You’ll be putting like a pro in no time…