3 ways to wear a polo shirt

There are many ways to describe a polo shirt: the missing link between smart and casual, a staple in the summer weekend wardrobe, a downright menswear classic. It really is a testament to its versatility. Polo shirts have been around a long time (since the early 20th Century), but they still haven’t lost their appeal as a menswear staple; every man should have at least one in their wardrobe. Here’s some ideas on how to wear it right:

Keep it classic

Taking inspiration from the inimitable mod style, pair a polo with a Harrington jacket and a solid pair of jeans for a classic heritage look.

Harrington, Polo

Make a statement

Polo shirts don’t have to be plain; stripes, jacquard or flecked are all good alternatives. A flash of pattern in your outfit is all you need, so wear yours under a cardigan or light jacket.

Cardigan polo

Polo by the pool

Looking for a timeless summer polo style? Keep it simple, a light coloured polo and a pair of classic navy shorts. Think Steve McQueen at the beach, you probably won’t look as cool, but its good to have goals…

Pool polo