Packing for a weekend away – Part 2

In our last blog we got you through the arduous task of deciding what to pack for a weekend away, but now you need to decide what to pack it all into. Our colleague, Chris, swears he can pack everything he needs for a weekend away into a rucksack. So we challenged him to put his money where his mouth is:

STEP 1: Socks into shoes

Socks are a vitally important feature in your weekend packing, they can also be conveniently tucked into your shoes. Saving a crucial bit of space in your bag.

Shoes and Socks

STEP 2: Roll what you can

Don’t fold your t-shirts or underwear, roll them. It saves a surprisingly amount of space, and is strangely satisfying…

Boxers and Tshirts

STEP 3: Fold the rest

Jumpers, shirts, chinos, and shorts – all folded, carefully, and placed, not stuffed, into the bag. You might have to compress them a little bit…

Shirt and Jumer Pack

STEP 4: Wash Bag and extras

If you’ve done everything correctly there should be enough room to fit your wash bag, phone charger and whatever other small items you’re taking with you on top.


There you have it, everything you need for a weekend away into a rucksack. However, if you ask me, as good as a rucksack is you might be better off going for a weekend bag. Packing into one of these doesn’t require any space saving techniques (who knows how to roll a t-shirt!?), and you might even have a bit of room left to bring back a snow globe or a few fridge magnets.

Weekend Bag

Perfect for a weekend away. Maybe that’s why it’s called a weekend bag…