Packing for a weekend away – Part 1

A long spring weekend is the perfect time to get away, for a change of scenery, for a bit of sun, or just to sample the delights that the continental bars of Europe have to offer. A city break is possibly the hardest thing to pack for. Will it rain? Will it be warm? Will I be going out somewhere posh for dinner? With that in mind, I can’t tell you exactly what to pack (that really depends on your destination), but here are some things to consider when you’re frenziedly packing on the morning of your flight.

Weekend Packing_1

Be Versatile: For any short break, it’ll be your clothes taking up the most room. You won’t have space to pack a new outfit for every single occasion so make sure you pack a few items that can be worn in numerous settings e.g. A pair of chinos that can be worn casually, or smartened up with a shirt. In terms of shoes, bring another pair other than the ones you’ll be wearing to travel, smart trainers are a safe bet.

Weekend Packing_2

Be Neutral: Stick to a neutral colour palette so your bag is full of staple items that’ll work well together. Then you can mix and match pieces in outfits throughout your weekend away. Don’t go for anything flashy that’ll clash with your other pieces.

Weekend Packing_3

Don’t forget the essentials: This should’ve been the first point really as it’s the most important: enough socks, pants and a well stocked wash bag are an absolute must for a weekend away.

If you’re not sure how you’re going to fit all this in, check out part 2 of our blog.