The Sweatpants Dilemma

I’ll admit, there are some days where the first thing I do when I get home from work is ‘drop trou’ and slip into a supremely comfortable pair of sweatpants. For the old-fashioned among us, sweatpants are a comfort that are strictly confined to the house. But these days, popular opinion has shifted and you can wear sweatpants in public without fear of people assuming you’ve just been through a particularly traumatic break-up. However, there are some people who will tell you that “you can wear sweatpants anywhere, and with anything!” These people are lying to you, there are still some places where sweatpants should be considered taboo. Let’s have a look at some of the most controversial places:

Shop Blog

The Supermarket

A few years ago, bumping into someone you knew while you were sloping around the cheese section in your sweatpants would be a shameful occurrence. But times have changed, these days it’s fine to wear sweatpants to do your big shop. If it’s the weekend, and you’re not going anywhere else after.

The Commute

Sweatpants on the commute is only acceptable if you’re one of those fearless people who goes straight to work from the gym in the morning. If this the case, please keep your whole outfit casual, especially the shoes. There aren’t many things that are more disturbing than sweatpants with a pair of smart shoes.

Bad Sweatpants Blog


Depending on how much you’ve had the night before, just getting a pair of sweatpants on can be an achievement. So, if it’s a hungover breakfast in a greasy spoon, sweatpants are to be encouraged. However, if it’s an organised brunch in a slightly pretentious spot that serve their baked beans in jam jars? It won’t kill you to put on a pair of chinos.


Are you insane? Even if the invitation says “no dress code” this doesn’t mean you can saunter into the reception with your sweatpants on. Not if you value your friendship with the bride and groom anyway…