Golf: Warm up Tips

A decent pre-round routine can be the difference between playing well and playing badly. By warming up and practising your swing before the round, you can be sure that you arrive at the first tee fully prepared to make your best possible opening drive. We caught up with European Tour player James Morrison to pick up some tips on a pre-round routine.


Before a round, James suggests spending at least 20-25 minutes hitting balls. Be aware of the weather and tailor your warm up to the conditions. For example, if it’s windy, focus more on practising your low shot.


Use alignment sticks when practising your drives, eventually you’ll find that your swing aligns to these subconsciously.

Practise with different clubs. James likes to use a driver, 9-, 7-, and 5-irons. Spend five minutes with each club, hitting fades and draws.


Watch every shot, react to what’s going on and adapt how you play to that.