Spring/Summer Style Guide

It’s hard to believe, but soon spring will have sprung and the cold weather will have loosened it’s icy grip. With this in mind, it’s definitely time to start thinking about your spring/summer wardrobe. But warm weather can lead to a series of misjudged outfits. A few months of going out accidentally wearing too much, or too little. Don’t get caught out, here’s a few simple tips to perfect your spring/summer style.


Lighten Up

Gone is the winter coat, destined to sit at the back of your wardrobe, gathering dust until it starts to get freezing in late September. Now is the time to bring out the lighter, transitional jacket styles. Build your outfit around lightweight layers (sweatshirts or shirts over T-shirts) and top it off with a spring jacket. Harringtons, lightweight bombers, and anoraks are all top picks.


Be prepared

Yes, I said this in the autumn, but even though it is warmer it’s still definitely going to rain at some point. Invest in a lightweight, but solid raincoat to keep the rain off. If you want to pick up some more tips for your wet weather wardrobe, we’ve got a blog for that.

Get Vibrant

Spring/Summer is a time for a more optimistic style of dressing. Say goodbye to the slightly morose earthy tones and darker colours of winter for another year, and swap them for something brighter and more vibrant. Whites, creams and pastels are all good tones to build a spring outfit around. If you want to be really on trend, take a tip from our designers and incorporate some flame red into your wardrobe.


Shoes with socks off

As soon as the weather gets warm enough, socks should be done away with, or at least replaced with the ‘invisible’ kind. Never, ever wear trainer socks, I cannot stress that enough. There’s no better way to channel that classic ‘riviera’ vibe than a pair of deck shoes worn without socks.