Staying Stylish in a Downpour

When you live in a country that sees more than its fair share of rain, an unexpected shower is no excuse for looking like a wet lettuce. Being prepared is the key, there are some items that you will want to keep to hand “just in case” and others that you should just leave well alone. Here are 4 simple rules for staying stylish, and dry(ish), in a downpour:

1. Never opt for an emergency poncho

There is never an emergency serious enough for an emergency poncho. If you put one on you might as well be wearing a bin bag on account of how ridiculous you’ll look. A classic raincoat is a solid alternative. They’re water resistant and usually long enough to cover the bottom of a suit jacket. To avoid looking like a toddler, make sure it’s well fitted and go for a neutral or darker colour.


2. Ditch the Denim

Jeans take a long time to dry when wet, so if you have a pair on you’ll find that your legs will feel damp long after you’re out of the rain. Go for something more lightweight like a cotton chino, these will dry quicker. But go for a darker colour to avoid looking like you’ve “had a little accident”.

3. An umbrella is your best friend

So carry one. Treat yourself to something sturdy and durable. Desperately trying to fix an umbrella in the middle of a storm will always knock your style down a peg or two, no matter how great your outfit is. At this point, I should make it clear that neither a newspaper nor a bag are acceptable substitutes.


4. You don’t have to wear wellies

These are only really acceptable if you’re going to be traipsing through a muddy bog that Glastonbury festival would be proud of. No white trainers, suede, or loafers either. Get yourself a decent pair of leather boots or shoes, preferably with a rubber sole. Just don’t go jumping in any puddles.