Golf: Layering like a Pro

The cold weather shouldn’t be keeping you off the course during the winter. If you’re wearing the right clothing, you should be able to play in even the wintriest conditions. But don’t just take our word for it, we caught up with European Tour Player, James Morrison, to get his tips on layering up for a round of golf in the cold.


“In the winter, trying to keep warm but still being able to play well is the most important thing. Everything that you wear should fit well. Having three layers on shouldn’t stop you swinging as fast as you want to.”


“The right clothes make playing in the cold so much easier. Once you’re walking around you tend to warm up pretty quickly anyway. Although if it’s really cold, I like to keep a hat or a snood on me.”


“If it’s a friendly game, I won’t play in the rain. But if it’s a tournament and I have to, I go for a thick waterproof trouser and a light waterproof jacket. Staying dry but being comfortable and able to move is the most important thing.”


James Morrison is a European tour pro and Lyle & Scott ambassador. You can find out more about James, and our other golf ambassadors here.