Golf: Getting back into the swing of it

As an amateur golfer, it can be very tempting to put the clubs in the shed and just take a few months off golf over the winter. But this rest can result in all the hard work and progress you have made over the past year being undone by the time you get back on the course, and you can find yourself a little bit under-par (but not in the positive sense). Luckily, a couple of our golf ambassadors dropped into the office last week, so we took the opportunity to pick up some tips for winter training.

The winter season can come as a welcome break for the pros. There’s time to catch up with family and friends, time to recover from injuries, and time to just let go of the clubs for while. But they can’t forget about golf entirely, the hard work continues throughout the off season. A lot of time is spent in the gym and on the driving range to keep their game fresh for the start of the new season. Obviously, you might not have the time, or the drive (excuse the pun…) to be in the gym or down at the driving range as much as a pro, but there are certain, crucial aspects that you should be doing to get ready for the better weather.


Niklas Lemke is a Swedish pro golfer currently on the challenge tour, during the winter he suggests taking time away from the course to focus on any aspects of your game that need improving. This generally means focusing on your technique and swing. So sessions at the driving range and in the gym are highly recommended. Mikko Korhonen, a pro golfer currently on the European tour suggests focusing on core strength and legs in the gym. For those of you looking for something a bit more serene, Mikko is also a fan of yoga, which is also great for the mind and concentration.

If you can’t face the gym, both our pros suggest getting involved in another sport to keep yourself fresh. Mikko is a fan of tennis, whereas Niklas advocates a more unusual racket sport: Padel Tennis (a mixture between squash and tennis, and the biggest growing sport in Sweden. Watch this space!) Both of these sports help with hand-eye coordination that can be vital on the course.

So before you get back into your game this year, take some tips from the pros and work on your game off the course first.

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