Has your winter coat got you covered?

A good winter coat is a wardrobe essential. Once you get your hands on a good one you probably think you’re all set for this winter and many more to come, right? WRONG! While it’s true that a good winter coat will most likely offer you years of faithful service, it might not be suitable for every occasion that arises over the winter months. It’s not a crime to have more than one coat, in fact I think it’s essential. (My own coat hooks at home are currently buckling under the weight of an abundance of jackets.)


Let’s start with those of you that haven’t got yourself a winter coat yet (it’s the middle of December, what are you doing!?) A classic winter coat should offer you warmth without being too bulky. Especially if you’re a commuter, you’re certainly not going be the most popular guy if you’re squeezing onto a packed train in the morning wearing a huge coat. A good parka is ideal. It’s got the warmth you need, but also a streamlined shape to it.


A classic parka is all well and good when it’s dry, but the heavens are bound to open at some point over the winter. So you’re going to need something weather-proof, with a hood obviously. A good raincoat should be lightweight, so you can layer up underneath if you’re hit with the double whammy of wet and cold. Also make sure it’s long enough to cover the bottom of a blazer, you never know what you might need to wear underneath. But keep it above the knee, we’re not in the Matrix. At least we don’t know we are…


The weather is getting a lot more unpredictable these days, especially during winter. You never know when we’re going to have an unseasonably mild winter’s day thrust upon us. So you need something that will keep you warm but not make you sweat. Something that is lightweight but no too thin. Something that has a fancy French name for added sophistication. In situations like this, only a Gilet will do (just avoid pairing it with a rugby shirt please…)