How to wear: Check Shirts

In the world of fashion, patterns generally come and go. We all got a bit too into paisley a few years ago, and these days you don’t see so many ‘Aztec’ prints as you used to. But no matter what patterns go in and out of style, the classic checked shirt always seems to stick around.

Once just a sartorial mainstay of lumberjacks and cowboys, nowadays the checked shirt has become a staple style of hipsters, anti-hipsters, and regular people. This is testament to the versatility of a good checked shirt. So whether you’re quaffing an overpriced craft lager in a vegan cafe/laundromat, or heading to meet the parents, a checked shirt is an excellent choice.


A plaid shirt is great for keeping it casual or giving a subtle nod to the 90s grunge scene. There’s no reason a checked shirt should be restricted to an informal setting. If you feel like your formal attire needs livening up, go for gingham or a windowpane check.

When the cold weather sets in, most guys reach for that old reliable checked shirt and start to layer up. A checked shirt is good staple to build an outfit around, but there are a few things you should keep in mind: don’t overdo it with patterns, if you’re wearing a check shirt this should be the only pattern you’re wearing or things will get a bit too ‘visually noisy’. Wear your shirt open over a plain tee, or under a simple jacket. If coordinated well, a checked shirt can look great under knitwear as well, but make sure your colours don’t clash.


The good thing about checked shirts is that they can be worn all year round. Although mind your thickness. In the warmer months, go for something breathable like a thin cotton shirt, and in the colder months, grab that thick flannel and get toasty.