How to Make Your Christmas A Cracker

You’re probably well aware that Christmas is fast approaching. “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” can be anything but. To make sure you do have a holly jolly Christmas, we’ve put together an early Christmas present for you in the weeks running up to the big day: a much-needed Yuletide Survival Guide.


Everyone has their own idea of when is the best time to put the Christmas decorations up. Regardless of your preferred timing, it’ll soon be time to deck the halls with boughs of holly (if you can’t find any boughs of holly, then fairy lights and tinsel will do…)

Simple decorations are the best. If your place is on the small side, a nicely decorated Christmas tree is enough to create plenty of festive ambience. Speaking of which: go for a real tree this year, treat yourself! It adds a bit of authenticity to your decorations, they’re pretty easy to get rid of after Christmas these days, and you don’t have to store it under the bed for the 11 months of the year that it’s not being used.


When it comes to decorating the tree, do it from the inside out: fairy lights first, then tinsel, then the rest: baubles, candy canes, strange inherited decorations (mice wearing Santa hats, a possessed looking Rudolph, that sort of thing…)

If you feel that your Christmas spirit needs reinforcing with more than just a tree, there’s plenty more decorating that can be done. Hang a few wreaths, cover the mantelpiece in the tinsel, fairy lights around a mirror… Feeling festive yet?


Dot a few choice candles around the place. They look festive, and come with the added bonus that they’ll generate some warmth¬†if you can’t afford the heating bill because of all the presents and decorations you’ve had to buy.

Happy decorating!

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