How to Make Your Christmas a Cracker

You’re probably well aware that Christmas is fast approaching. “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” can be anything but. To make sure you do have a holly jolly Christmas, we’ve put together an early Christmas present for you in the weeks running up to the big day: a much-needed Yuletide Survival Guide.


Christmas shopping definitely isn’t one of the greatest things about the festive season, but by now you should have at least started thinking about it. If you haven’t, start right now (after you’ve finished reading this blog, obviously). You don’t even have to leave your chair these days, just buy everything online. You’re also just in time for Black Friday, so you can take advantage of the sales and save yourself a bit of cash.


If you do decide to head out into the mad throng of Christmas shoppers that are omnipresent on our streets from early November onward, then there are a few things you can do to make your trip a little bit easier. If you’ve got a few holiday days left at work, I would seriously recommend taking a morning off and tackling the bulk of your shopping then when it’s quieter and the shoppers are less frenzied. Weekends are no go, it’s better to lose half a day of holiday than to lose your mind in the crowds. When you go, don’t forget your headphones. This means you won’t have to listen to ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ being piped out on repeat through in-store speakers all day. It’ll keep your sanity in check and you can play the ‘Rocky’ soundtrack to motivate yourself all the way to the checkout. Finally, don’t forget to keep yourself fuelled, eat something and drink plenty of water so you don’t literally shop until you drop.

Good luck out there…