5 Desk Drawer Essentials

You can run into all sorts of trouble in the workplace: leaking pens, coffee spillages, rain soaked commutes, and that weird bloke from finance. While I can’t help you with Gareth (that’s more of an HR issue), I can recommend 5 emergency essentials to stash in the office that’ll help with the others:

Plain White Tee

If you work in a relatively casual office then a plain white t-shirt can replace almost any top that comes a cropper to a coffee catastrophe. Plus it goes with anything from jeans to a blazer, as long as it’s not too formal. Just avoid the deep V-neck, best to leave some things to the imagination…


Hair product

If you’ve ever spent the day with your hair plastered to your forehead after a freak thunderstorm you’ll know what I’m talking about. When you’ve nearly finished the last tub of your favourite product at home get a new one early and stick the old one in your desk drawer.

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Plain sneakers

Whether it’s a hole in your sole, dropped food, or more bloody rain, your shoes can become a squeaky pain pretty quickly. If you want to avoid squelching your way around the office, keep a pair of simple sneakers in your desk drawer – white or black is a safe bet for most outfits. If you really like to be prepared, why not throw in a pair of back-up socks as well.

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Whatever you use to smell good

You can blame it on the heat, the rain, or running after the 26 bus, but if you’re anything like almost everyone on the tube, you might not be smelling your best by the end of the work day. If you keep a bottle of something fragrant in your desk (not just some cheap aerosol) then you won’t have to keep turning down those after work drinks for lack of a fresh shirt.

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Emergency cash

Yeah, I’m not sure who Francesca is either but apparently she’s leaving on Friday so just stick some cash in the envelope and write ‘Good Luck’ in the card. Oh, and get ready for an awkward speech and a ‘Colin the Caterpillar’ cake at 4pm.

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