How to Wear: Cold Weather Accessories

Summer is well and truly over, but the big freeze is not yet upon us. Appropriately, this part of the year is full of all sorts of awkwardness and uncertainty: Is it really cold enough to have the heating on all day? Can I survive the commute in my winter coat without melting? (Ever tried to take off a coat on a packed train? Not pretty.) Is it too early in the year to break out the mulled wine? One thing’s for sure, while the weather is still only ‘chilly’, it’s time to utilise those two classic (and easily removable) cold weather accessories: hats and scarves. They can make a big difference.


The fact that you lose over 50% of your body heat through your head is actually just one of those bare-faced lies that really took off, it’s not true. Nevertheless, your head and ears can still get extremely frosty in cold conditions, so get yourself a good quality beanie.

Not only is it a functional and timeless accessory, a good beanie is a versatile cold weather choice that can work with a number of outfits, from looking smart on your way to work or out enjoying the brisk weekend air. Although the versatility decreases as the thickness increases, so invest in something sleek and in a neutral colour.


I would recommend wearing your beanie with a cuff. If you’re looking to channel your inner Steve Zissou, roll the cuff up on itself once or twice. The positioning of the beanie is key, too far forward and you’ll look a bit simple, too far back and you stray dangerously into acoustic guitar on the beach territory.


A good scarf can really finish off any autumn/winter outfit. It’s an accessory that’s functional and, if done right, fashionable. With scarves, put function first, but don’t forget about the aesthetics. That scarf your Nan knitted is probably very warm, but the combination of lime green and brown isn’t a good one.

So what colour should you go for? Seeing as its advisable to keep things neutral in the autumn/winter, a solid coloured scarf will add a boost to a dark outfit. Alternatively, you could just keep the colour muted if you’re not feeling the bold look. If you fancy doing both why not try a pattern as a happy medium.


So what pattern should you go for? A plaid or tartan scarf can inject a bit of variation into your winter outfits. If you do go for a patterned scarf complete with multiple colours, make sure you match one of the scarf’s colours with the rest of your outfit, or the whole thing might look a bit too busy.

Finally, how should you tie your scarf? There are many different ways to tie a scarf. If you’re a football manager, it’s highly likely that you prefer the Parisian knot. This is more suitable for a smarter outfit. If you’re going for a more casual look, I’d recommend the double wrap for the perfect mix of comfort and style.