Autumn Style Tips

Autumn has arrived, that awkward part of the year when the weather is even more unpredictable than usual. This climatic uncertainty can leave even the most sartorially self-assured a little bit clueless about what to wear. Next time you’re outside, take a look around you and you’ll see the stoic but quite clearly freezing man who is unwilling to accept that it’s no longer ‘shorts weather’, or you’ll see the over-cautious man, coated in perspiration, sweltering under too many heavy winter layers.

Personally, dressing in the autumnal months suits me much more than summer does; no longer do I have to agonise over the length of shorts, or avoid light coloured shirts for fear of visible sweat patches. The only problem is, as the weather gets colder, it’s so much easier to prioritise comfort over style. Don’t just hibernate under a big parka until spring, follow these simple tips to perfect your autumnal style:

Layer Up

Layering up is the way to go in the colder months. Don’t just throw on a thick, heavy winter coat over your summer outfit. Make sure you’re ready for whatever temperature this fickle season throws at you. Layer from thin to thick, so you don’t end up looking like the ‘Stay Puft Marshmallow Man’ and so you can disrobe if the sun does decide to put his hat on. Consider your layering, make sure the patterns and colours you wear don’t clash.


Be Prepared

Drizzle, cats & dogs, pouring, hammering, pissing it down. Rain, whatever you call it, and however it comes, it’s almost definitely going to happen when you’re out and only wearing some particularly absorbent material. Invest in a lightweight, but solid raincoat to keep that pesky rain off your knitwear.


Embrace the colours of autumn

The traditional colours of autumn are browns, dark reds, and greys (look at the sky). Mirror this palette in your outfits. Swap the summery pastel shades for earth tones and neutrals such as stone, dark greens, browns and greys. Go for a bit of copper if you really want to be on-trend this season.


Vary your textures

Use the cold weather to your advantage and add subtle textures to your outfit with knitwear and wool. Spring and summer are all about simple and lightweight fabrics. So autumn is your chance to make your outfit a bit more visually interesting: herringbone, corduroy, or flannel are all prime autumn textures.


Cold Weather Accessories

As a finishing touch, complete your outfit with a nice scarf or hat. Although it’s important to coordinate these or it’ll look like your mum has just thrown them on you to stop you “catching your death.”