How to Wear: Colours that aren’t navy blue

When it comes to clothes, we gents can be quite a cautious bunch. Of course this isn’t necessarily a bad thing; it can stop us wearing red trousers or digging out that old tie dye t-shirt. However, it can also impede us at times. Whilst strolling down Oxford Street earlier this week I couldn’t help but notice how many men were dressed head to toe in shades of navy. Sound familiar? There’s nothing wrong with a bit of tonal dressing, but if you’ve found yourself stuck in a navy-hued rut, I’ve put together some foolproof tips on how to inject a bit more variety into your wardrobe:

Keep it simple

Just because you’ve decided to brighten things up a bit doesn’t mean you should jump too far up the colour scale. Start with neutral base colours, such as white or beige, and then add some simple blocks of colour in one by one.


Start from the bottom

The typical ‘all navy everything’ look is usually caused by our fondness for dark blue jeans. For a quick fix, incorporate a good solid pair of sand or green chinos into your wardrobe.


The Magic Number

You don’t have to ditch the navy altogether, you just need to break up the monotony with a few new colours. If you’re struggling, use the ‘Rule of Three’ when getting dressed. Try and have three colours in every outfit. This can include socks, shoes and belts, so it’s easier than it sounds.


Route one

You may be tempted to take the path most-trodden and invest in a bunch of brightly coloured t-shirts to liven up your wardrobe. There’s nothing wrong with this, but it can leave you looking like a kid’s TV presenter if it’s all you wear. Less is more, try colourful socks or a bright watch strap for a more subtle approach.