Should I be putting things in my pockets?

The short answer to this question is yes, of course you should (as long as those things belong to you), but it all becomes a bit more complicated when you start considering what object can go into which pocket. Before you give up and invest in a bum bag, read this short guide to all things pocket related:


The clean lines and lighter weight fabric of suits means that anything you put in your suit pockets is going to stick out and ruin your tailored silhouette. Suit pockets are for, at the most, paper money, a card and a phone. If you overload the jacket pockets, you’ll change their shape and they will end up bulky too. The same applies to suit trousers. Mobile phones you can get away with, but stuffing bulky wallets or bunches of keys into trouser pockets can ruin the line of your outfit and ultimately the trousers themselves. Play it safe. When suiting up, limit the load you’re carrying to a minimum.



Denim tends to stretch a little with wear, the knees in particular can get a little baggy after prolonged wear. Your pockets will suffer the same fate if you often overfill them, spread the load or keep it to a minimum.


Those who favour ‘raw’ denim (unwashed dark blue denim) often covet the well-worn look, going as far as wearing the jeans for months at a time without washing to cultivate high contrast fades. For the denim aficionado, there comes a certain pride in having ‘wear’ patches and even repairs, including around the pockets.



Your shirt pocket should be purely decorative, unless you work for NASA. If you must carry a pen, ink is the enemy of a clean shirt, so put it in a coat pocket.



It’s likely that your wallet is jammed with plastic, receipts and all those points cards that you never use. It’s good to have everything to hand but if it’s starting to bulge then it’s time to have a clear out. We recommend a classic single fold wallet for your paper (money, not receipts) and plastic.