Does your shirt fit?

“I’m a large” are the famous last words of a man who gets his new shirt home to find it looks like he’s just been crowned ‘slimmer of the year’.

You might think that you’ve got your sizing sorted by now, but you’d be surprised how many guys still don’t really know if a shirt fits them properly or not. This is easy to fix, just follow this simple checklist to make sure you’re wearing the right size:

The Sleeves

The shoulder seam should sit on the edge of your shoulder. If it’s sliding down to the top of your arm then your shirt is too big across the body. On the other hand, if it’s sitting on top of your shoulder then your shirt is too small.


The cuff should finish just below your wrist bone, so that if you move your hand around you’re not pushing against it too much. This also means if you wear a suit jacket (which should finish at your wrist bone) you’ll have just the right amount of cuff showing.

The cuff is also a good indicator of the sleeve fit, if it’s pulled more than an inch or so up your arm when you bend your elbow then the sleeves are too tight.

Shirt Fit Best

The Body

When your shirt is tucked in, the side seams should sit straight and there shouldn’t be any creasing or ‘blousing’ (large gathered bulges of fabric) at the waist. If the shirt is gathering up and falling over the waistband then this is a sign that it’s too big.

If your shirt is tumbling down to your knees when untucked, then obviously it is too big. Your untucked shirt should sit no further than the bottom of your back trouser pockets. Although don’t go too far up, best to keep those love handles covered.


The Collar

The collar is very important to get right as it can affect the whole look of the shirt – you should be able to get two fingers between the collar and your neck with the top button fastened. Too loose and it’ll hang around your neck and look shapeless. Too tight and it’ll pull the whole front of the shirt up towards it creating a ton of creases. Not to mention the trivial issue of restricting oxygen and blood to your head…

Shirt Fit collar