Cooking on a date: A recipe for romance?

Got yourself a date? I’m not going to ask how, there’s no judgement here. Nevertheless, whatever dating app you met them on (be honest), you’re now going to have to enter the perilous world of dating. The first few dates should be relaxed and fun; have a few drinks or a casual dinner, visit a gallery or play a round of crazy golf (although not all on the same date).

If you get to a fourth date after all this, you might have yourself down as a genuine Casanova. But don’t get too carried away, the data suggests that more than 75% of relationships flounder at this point. So what can you do to make sure you don’t become just another sad statistic? The answer, my friend, is cooking. So throw on an apron, summon the inner celebrity chef of your choice, and follow my 5 basic principles for home cooked happiness:


You and your date may have already dined together – when you did, what did they order? Did they tell you loved a bit of lamb? Loathed seafood? Keep this in mind and look up an interesting recipe around what your date likes. This is the perfect opportunity to break out one those cook books you get for Christmas every year.



Unless you’re in possession of a Michelin star or two, don’t aim too high. Something as simple as a nice pasta is likely to go down better than an under-cooked Lobster Thermidor. Nothing breaks up a relationship like a strong bout of E-coli.



No one looks their best stuffing a chicken or crying over chopped onions, so do the bulk of preparation in advance. It’s also not exactly romantic to spend the evening shouting to your date from the kitchen.


Set the Mood

A man’s home is his castle. Make sure yours is more Windsor than Takeshi’s. Tidy up a bit. A kitchen full of pots and pans is a no-no, and it wouldn’t hurt to give that toilet a little scrub.


Don’t serve dinner on trays in front of the TV, even if there is something good on. Create your own little romantic bistro with a clean white tablecloth, matching tableware and a few candles.

Have a back up plan

And finally, if it all goes wrong, make sure you have a good delivery app lined up on your phone.